OK time for a meaningful post.

I really didn’t like Reading View in Office 2010 and now they brought it back in 2013 under the name “Reading Mode”.

Its ugly. And there are no controls so you can’t edit anything. Yes, I know its turned on by default for read-only documents, but I don’t like the restricion is places on me when I open things.

OK so here’s how to disable Office 2013 from opening read-only documents in Reading View:

1) Open Word. Then open a new document.

2) Click File РOptions

3) Under the General tab, there will be an option that says “Open e-mail attachments and other uneditable files in reading view”. Simply uncheck this, and its disabled!


Wow… OK so I have been listening to this podcast from… well day one.

Website -> http://www.leviathanchronicles. com

iTunes linke -> http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewPodcast?id=304481704

This came out about two years ago now. Its fantastic.

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Hello World!
Gotta love that phrase. Any one who is a programmer or has taken any sort of programming class, has used that phrase. It just sums up your entry into a new world, be it a world of a programming language or the internet.

Now this is not my first stab at putting myself out on the web. I currently manage 5 websites. Two of them are personal and the other three I manage realated to a game I play called Star Wars Combine. I recommend you check it out. (And when you do, send Keegers Shyia a DM).

Speaking of games.. I went to go play a game online this morning that I have been playing for many years now, Marcolan. Sadly when I tried to go to its site, it was down and my lovely ISP’s DNS page came up. So I thought that it was weird but hey things happen, someone didn’t renew the domain, I can see that happening.

So I bike off to work and when I get there, there’s an email in my work account regarding Marcoland. Now I didn’t give the game my work email, but my work email is my MSN messenger email. Here’s what it said:


Hi Everyone,
First of all, this is Bob the Cow here.
As you may (or may not have realised) the Marcoland server is down (you can’t get to http://www.tiipsi.com http://www.tiipsi.com. I have a (perhaps unsatisfying) explanation. This is a (paraphrased) message from Marco:

I wrote a long mail to my staff explaining that it was my intention to shut down the game and that I would have notified the players before it happened.
Apparently the hosting company decided to act on its own and I don’t have access to that server anymore (although apparently the other one is still up), so I have no way to send a wide communication to my players.

I’ll try whatever is in my power to bring the server back up until the end of its paid period; however it will just be a temporary solution, even if it goes up again it will be just a way to say goodbye to everyone, not a way to make the game last longer.

As far as I know this is for real, so we may be able to get back into ML over the next few days, but it’ll only be to say goodbyes.

I (and the other staff) had known about this for a few days, but we wanted Marco to let all of you know, as it’s his game, and that’s up to him.

Sorry to have to break it for you like this, and I’ll try and keep you posted with any updates.

Also, if you have the email for anyone that you don’t think would’ve received this (I mailed this to everyone that posted in the Lucky share contact details thread that Hyalix started).

Sorry to break it to you like this.

Liam Byrne aka Bob the Cow


So I hope that’s not true, but I can see that happening. I just wished that it wasn’t. Well if it has to be, then good bye Marcoland. Thanks for everything Marco, it’s been great fun!

Anywho, more later. I have to get to actual work.